Happy New Year…


Alex Pesacreta

January, 2006


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As I sit here and write this article for the newsletter I remember the great rides I went on with my fellow Spokes-Women in 2005. Longwood Gardens, Gettysburg for the annual MAWMR rally and of course, the trip to Sturgis.

The trip to Sturgis was incredible. The plan was to ride our bikes all the way there and back. I remember thinking to myself, not only am I crazy, but can I do it? The anxiety I felt about actually riding that distance (the farthest I ever rode) and all the what-ifs intensified as the time to leave approached. But I did it. And not alone. The comraderie and support we had for each other kept us going until the day we returned home. I returned from this trip stronger and more confident than before. I realized deep within myself I had what it takes to handle whatever life may have in store for me.

Back in January 2001, when I made the decision to return to motorcycling, I enrolled and completed the MSF course, bought a Honda Rebel 250 and off I went! What a thrill! All I could think was "Why did I wait so long"?

In 2002, when I joined the Spokes-Women Motor Club, I was even more estatic! Here was a group of smart, unique and independant women who loved to ride! YEAH! When the time came to move up to a bigger bike, I took a huge leap and bought a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail. Scared? Definitely. Crazy? Apparently. Was there doubt? Of course. Did it stop me? No.

It is now 2006 and with a New Year comes new hope, new promises and either new (or renewed) resolutions. What are yours? Will you take that deep breath and forge ahead with your dreams? Or will you let the fear of the what-ifs hold you back? Life is an incredible journey where some roads are smooth and others bumpy with a few pot holes.

Make the decision to make this YOUR year to try whatever it is you have always wanted to do. Make it fun. Make it happen. Cheers to all of you out there for a Happy, Healthy and Fabulous New Year!!



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