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Alex Pesacreta
August, 2007


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As motorcyclists, we must always be attentive to the traffic in front, behind, on both sides and oncoming. Our awareness is part of what keeps us alive as we enjoy our rides. This awareness has also sharpened my driving skills. I frequently look to see how the traffic is moving, who is on the phone (they are usually not paying attention to the road) and watching out for motorcycles. Anticipating the stupid moves of other drivers is starting to become a hobby.

However, imagine my reaction when, not once, but twice this month (while driving) I observed two (rather mature) motorcyclists on separate occasions, lane split. One of the riders (with a passenger) repeatedly lane split every time traffic stopped for a red light. The other motorcyclists simply rode between the cars right to the front of the intersection.


What were they thinking? The traffic was light. Impatient? Stupid? UGH. All I could think was this does nothing to endear motorcyclists to drivers. Not to mention dangerous. What if a car decided to move to another lane? The driver is not expecting a motorcycle to come up between the cars. Yes, there are some states (like California ) that allow lane splitting. NJ does not. Or at least lane splitting is not referenced in the NJ Administrative Code or Statutes. None of us like to sit in traffic, but hey, living in NJ, it's part of life.

It is hard enough to watch the young kids on the sport bikes speeding and weaving through traffic with shorts, sneakers, t-shirts and full face helmets. Be responsible. It could save your life.

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