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Alex Pesacreta
February, 2007


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January 2007

It's February 15th, just a day or so since we have been hit with a terrible ice storm. It is the same storm that has dumped up to 2 feet of snow in some areas of the North East. I'm sure even the Polar Bear riders are have second and third thoughts about getting out this weekend!

So, what's to keep us going when we can't ride? Well, there has been the usual motorcycle shows. Several of us braved the extremely frigid temperatures back in January and attended the motorcycle show at the Javit's center. There were a couple of highlights to the show.

The first, was that one of our members, Marlene, showed her custom bike "Betty Boop" at the show. It was only one of 2 metric bikes there and one of the few that actually gets to ride on asphalt. The other bikes were custom choppers that never see pavement, let alone a rider.
"Betty" didn't win, but she did get an honorable mention. Congratulations Marlene!

The second triumph was the booth headed up by Sue Slate and Gin Shear from the Women's Motorcycling Foundation. They were not only able to secure a booth at the New York show, but also a booth at other motorcycle shows around the country. The purpose of the booth was to promote women in motorcycling. Members from the Women in the Wind, Motor Maids, Spokes-Women and the Sirens helped get the word out for the 2 1/2 days the show was held. Thank you Ladies!

The Garden State Exhibit Center hosted a motorcycle show on the 10th and 11th of February. A much smaller show, but packed with motorcycle items. I always like going to these shows. Marlene also showed "Betty" there as well. "Betty won 2nd place. Good job!

I'll be off to Daytona in a short while, my first trip there during Bike Week. I'll let you know how it goes next month! Take care!


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