Happy New Year!
Alex Pesacreta
January, 2007


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The New Year started off quite unseasonably warm here in the Northeast. We experienced temperatures in the 60's and on a day or two almost 70! Many riders took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and stretched out the riding season a couple of more weeks. However, Mother Nature did not forget us and at present has delivered the very cold winter temperatures.

For those who ride Polar Bear, the heated gear will come out and they will keep riding right through. But for the rest of us who prefer the comforts of say, blood circulation, we will store the bike for its' winter hibernation and wait it out until the threat of hypothermia while riding has past.

However, before you store that bike, there are a few things to consider doing so that the spring start up is without incident. The AMA suggests the following:

1. Consider putting Sta-Bil in the fuel tank. The recommended ratio is 1 oz. in 2.5 gallons (make sure to read the label). Keep the tank full (to avoid condensation) and take the bike for a short ride so that the additive can get into the lines.

2. Change the oil/transmission/etc. "Old" oil has things in it that may damage the interior of the engine and bearings. For the price of this service it is cheap considering the cost to clean out/replace affected parts.

3. Get a battery tender (also referred to as a trickle charge). Hook it up to the battery to maintain a charge. It's that easy.

4. Store the bike in a dry place. If you don't have a shed or garage, inquire at your motorcycle dealers about winter storage. If they don't offer storage or have the room, ask them to refer you.

5. Either store the bike on its' center stand or if it doesn't have one, inflate your tires properly and move the bike to rotate the tires to avoid flat spots.

6. Consider cleaning the bike. If not, you can add it to the "Spring Cleaning" list.

So, while the bike is in storage, keep yourself busy by attending the motorcycle shows. This January 19 - 21 (Friday - Sunday), the 26th Annual CycleWorld Int'l Motorcycle Show will be at the Javits center in NYC. It is always a lot of fun to see the new products and bikes for the coming year. In February, the Northeast Motorcycle Expo will be held in Somerset, NJ the 10th and 11th (Sat/Sun).

These shows will get us through to March, when the 3rd through the 11th, is Bike Week in Daytona. I will be going for the first time this year and am looking forward to experiencing it first hand. I will write about the event for you in the March newsletter!


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