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Alex Pesacreta
July, 2007


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Ever wonder how many motorcycle communities are out there? You know, internet sites with forums, motorcycle organizational info, etc…? Well, I took a look around and started with a Google of "motorcycle communities". The search result brought back 200,000!! Now granted, some of the sites that come up have either the word "motorcycle" and/or "communities" in their description and are usually news articles that are motorcycle related.

There are all kinds of sites out there. Biker Nation provides over 150 links to motorcycle forums and organizations. Biker Worlds allows members to create a profile and network with other bikers (similar to myspace). Other sites include: Motorcycleviews, Sport Bikez, Get Your Ride On, Delphi forums, and many more.

Other sites cover "biker dating". These sites include Biker Passions, Biker Kiss, Biker Singles and the Biker Dating Network.

On occasion, I have visited the forum sites such as Delphi, just to see what everyone is talking about. Well, there is no shortage of forums to peruse! There are forums for very specific areas of interest. For example, if you ride a Harley, a Gold Wing, a Kawaski, there is a site for you. Then it is more specific, like V Star Riders, Women who Ride, Women who Ride Harley's, technical forums, motorcycle transport etc… If you have an interest, there's a forum for you (and if not, create your own!).

These internet sites are great for many reasons, however, I find that nothing beats interacting with other bikers in the "real world". By this I mean at motorcycle events, rally's, bike weeks and of course at motorcycle club functions. These are great places to meet new riders, experienced riders, young riders and "old timers". There is also the opportunity to look at all the different motorcycle makes and models. You never know what your going to see!

So, get riding! The days are long and the weather fine. And remember, Be Safe!!!!


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