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Alex Pesacreta
May, 2007


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In the May 2007 issue of the American Motorcyclist, one of the feature articles is about Bike Week in Daytona. It covers not only the cruisers, but also the results of the Super Moto, the AMA's Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series and the Daytona's 200 qualifying. The article is very good and equally reports on the racing part of Bike Week and the show aspect of this event.

However, one of the several interesting notes comes from Bill Wood's "Viewpoint" on page 14. Besides his observation of the show of the sport bikes that paraded down Main Street, it is his notation that there were more women (and not passengers) riding their own bikes. Now that's saying something.

Last year, I wrote an article about the increase in the number of women who are purchasing and riding their own bikes. Ohio, the third in the nation for motorcycle riders, reports that over the past 5 years, licensed motorcycle riders have increased by 7%, while women riders have increased by 28% (www.state.dot.oh.us?News/2006/2006_motorcycle_statistics.htm).

With more women across the country purchasing and riding their own motorcycles, more women are looking to connect with other women who also share their passion for riding. A quick search on the internet shows over 40 women's motorcycle/riding clubs, from Women In The Wind, Women on Wheels, Spokes-Women, MAWMR and many more.

In our own Club, the Spokes-Women have experienced a steady influx of women who want to connect with other women riders. It is a reflection of not only the increase in women riders, but also the age of information we live in today. Years ago, the options women had to connect with other women who ride were limited. Word of mouth, and perhaps, a local newspaper article were the only forms of public information. Today, the internet has allowed women riders to connect from all over the world. There are forums as well as a Club's own website. The AMA has also recognized the increase in women riders and their desire to meet other women by hosting bi-annual (usually) conferences for women riders.

It is an exciting time for all women who ride. Every woman, whether a new rider or an experienced rider can learn from one another. We should not limit ourselves to numbers, experience or attitudes. We were all new riders at one time and we connected with other women riders for the camaraderie, friendships and the chance to learn from one another.

We have a responsibility to each other to promote the sport, its' safety and enjoyment. Now get out there and ride!!!!


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