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The Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club in New Jersey, USA, consists of a group of career oriented women united by their common love of riding motorcycles. Whether rider or passenger, single or married, mother or grandmother, women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join. Supportive husbands, fathers, significant others, sons and friends are invited to become associate members once they are sponsored by an active member.

Our goal is to replace the misleading stereotype of motorcyclists with an image of people who don't have to compromise their dignity to ride - especially women. We practice and publicize motorcycle safety and, as a condition for membership, require every new and experienced rider to take the training courses offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation .

The women members of the club represent many diverse professions such as accountant, professional photographer, banker, executive secretary, computer programmer, nurse, scientist, teacher, lawyer, physician, and symphony orchestra musician, to name a few.

Our members have appeared on CNN, on the television show Attitudes,and in many magazines and newspapers.

We maintain an active ride schedule throughout the year by participating in rallies, poker runs, swap meets, and cross-country touring. We have some members who also participate in the Polar Bear Club, that rides each Sunday throughout the winter months. Our business meetings are held the second Sunday of each month .

The Spokes-Women M.C. was founded in 1989 as the New Jersey Chapter of the American Women Road Riding Alliance (AWRRA), a national women's motorcycle club. In 1992, the NJ Chapter voted to separate from the national club and regroup locally under the new name and logo. The logo which resembles spokes in the wheel of a bike is actually a quilting pattern called the Mariner's Compass and represents the many points of the compass to which we ride.

Every year, we organize charity fundraising efforts and direct 100% of the proceeds to support agencies dedicated to the enhancing the lives of women and children. Over the years we have donated thousands to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the Women's Crisis Services (NJ), the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Anderson House (NJ) as well as Rider Education of New Jersey.

We participated in the Pony Express '96 Tour and raised over $10,300. for breast cancer research. We will be active in the Pony Express Tour riding a leg through most of central New Jersey as long as the tour exists.

The Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club is based in New Jersey and we have members from all over the state. Some of our members, however, live in New York and Pennsylvania.

Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club Philosophy

The Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club believes in sharing the roads with all motorists in a neutral, non-judgmental, and safe manner. The Club believes these goals can be realized through personal conduct, dressing wisely and safely while participating in the sport, riding in a safety-conscious and alert manner, and motorist education.

The Club does not involve itself in any political or personal issues, nor does it have any opinions on such issues. Members are free to participate in any personal or political issue, but not as representatives of Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club Inc.

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